Hello everyone, 
Hope you had a good Christmas - Happy New Year!
Due to the current Omicron situation, we are postponing the choir event scheduled for January 23 in Buninyong. Apologies. 
Trying to figure it out has been head spinning, what with all the changes but we think this is the safest way to go. 
Once this wave is under control, Geoffrey and I will aim to reschedule. (We are super excited about starting up again).
Similarly, we shall postpone the start of The Choir's Term 1 and look at March instead. We shall overcome ...


On a more exciting note I received a Creative Inspiration Fund grant to put together the Magpie Song/ Birdsong choral piece. So when we're good to go we can launch in with some songwriting together at our weekly choir sessions.
Feel free to add to our JamBoard at any moment with Magpie musings, or email me anything and I will add it in. I'd love to know personal stories, scientific facts and wonderings!
Magpie bits and pieces to get us going ....
'Australian magpies are named for their song—Cracticus tibicen, where tibicen means 'flautist'.'
They are also bipedal which means they walk on two legs - walk not just hop around! They even have knees. 
They recognise faces ...I wonder why?
Some holiday listening:
In the meantime, be well, stay safe and enjoy the birdsong! 
Much love