News from our Buninyong Community Choir

News from our Buninyong Community Choir

Hello beautiful Buninyong choir peeps!

I hope that you are traveling well with this wild spring. The Bahaā€™iĀ song that Geoffrey and I were commissioned to write in 2017 has justĀ been released as a virtual choir video. We thought you might like toĀ see it if you havenā€™t already.

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Also I have set up a Buninyong Community Choir Facebook page. IĀ couldnā€™t find everyone. Please let me know if you would like to beĀ added. Itā€™s an informal way for us to catch up, post pics of our gigsĀ (past and future!), talk about music we love, and anything else choirĀ related that we would like to share.

I am missing you all and the old fashioned filling up our lungs andĀ dreaming of when we can get back and making a hell of a good soundĀ together.

We do have one more Virtual Soul Choir project coming up in November,Ā hmmmm I wonder which song that might be? I will send out an email whenĀ itā€™s ready to roll. And Geoffrey will run the Monday Night SoulĀ Infusion again next term, same link, so if your vocal chords areĀ wanting a good sing and a laugh, you are welcome to give it a whirl!!

Sending lots of love to each and every one of you.