Two choirs for next term, and a project for now...

Two choirs for next term, and a project for now...

Dear Singers!

Thank you all for your lovely emails and feedback about the different options for catching up and continuing on with our singing in some form. Most people are up for both options! A couple of people are opting to cocoon for a little longer. All good options.

Of course, we would love to for it to be business as usual, but listening to the experts, that doesn't look like it will be the case for some time. Rats.

So for those who can, let's meet up next Wednesday 24/6 at 12.30pm at the stage at de Soza and we can do some physical distanced body warm ups and body percussion and also have a chat about how we would like to run things for next term. It will just be a big joy to see people's faces. Bring a takeaway coffee if you like!

(If the weather's inclement we might need to take a raincheck. It'll be pretty obvious
 if that's the case!)

Geoffrey is limbering up for the Monday fortnightly Soul Infusion zoom sessions and we can start those on the first week back in term 3 which is Monday 13th July at  7.30pm. (We will send out a reminder and the link closer to the time).

We can then have our de Soza catch ups on the alternate 
Wednesdays at 12.30pm (so Pauline can get there in time!) So our Third term starts on Wednesday 22nd July.

Payment for these can be on a pay as you feel basis ($5 - 10 per session?). There will be 5 sessions of each for term 3 (weather permitting for the Wednedays!). I will send bank details next time.

Thank you to those who have asked after Keryn and her mum and expressed sadness that we weren't able to record 'Meet me in the middle of the air' for them before lockdown. Keryn's mum would have loved us to sing at her funeral but as that now won't be possible this has prompted a very special project for us. We can still capture all that beautiful singing we did and give it to Keryn and her mum through our very own mini virtual choir.

All you need to do is to record a video of you singing your part (listen on headphones on one device, record on another e.g. phone). Then upload your best take by following this link:

If being tech savvy is not your forte, but you would like to practise your part and sing it, no problems. I am happy to support by videoing you outside at my house and doing the upload for you! Just give me a buzz on 0434 525 595 to arrange a time.

The sooner we do it, the sooner Keryn and her mum  - who is doing it tough with an almighty amount of grace and strength at the moment -  can enjoy it together. Our thoughts and love are with you both as well as all your family.  

If all videos can be uploaded by Sunday June 28th  - that would be perfect. Then we can mix the voices and create our own little virtual choir video. It will be special. 

Let me know if you have any questions at all and looking forward to seeing you this Wednesday at 12.30pm for those who can make it. 

Much love,

XX George