Plans to get the choir back together >

Plans to get the choir back together >

Dear singers,

How are you all doing?

So much has happened since we last met up and for those who have made it to the Zoom sessions, thank you, it's been super to catch up. If you are anything like me, you are missing our weekly catch ups like mad and life feels less for the lack of them. It's been waaay too long!

Now that the all encompassing lockdown period is over (for now!) and with gathering of up to 20 people allowable indoors, in a public space or outdoors where does that leave us?

Geoffrey and I have been following the COVID-19 choral forums and it is looking like group singing has its own transmission risk factors. So we have hatched a plan. 

Now we are wondering what you would most want in terms of getting back together? Which of these would you like us to provide? Please email back with your thoughts.

A. a fortnightly zoom choir Monday evening Soul Infusion choral session with Geoffrey, focussing on a warm up, workshopping and singing through a song with the good sounding resources in full harmonies (e.g. Space Oddity) and other shinnanigans. 

B. a weekly in person catch up 12 - 1.15pm Wednesdays starting at the stage at de Soza where we do rhythm and physical warm up, technical work (breathing), listening to choral music, humming through parts that we are working on with our resources. Optional walk/ coffee for peeps at the end to connect and catch up.  

C. Love to do both. 

D. None of the above!

P.S. Chris Rossiter suggested that for peeps who don't like singing by themselves at home, now that restrictions have eased it would be a great time to buddy up with one or two other choir members and do the Monday Soul Infusion evening sessions together.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Much love 

George (and Geoffrey)