Treaty - arr. Stephen Taberner

July 29th, 2023, Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

The Spooky Men's Choral gathered together about 400 people to sing the song "Treaty". As part of the Yes campaign for the referendum for an indigenous voice in federal parliament.

Following this rendition, they gathered outside the Art Gallery to sing again, then again outside St Paul's Cathedral.

Official video of the event:

This is a spectator's video:


 No Perfume Please!

no perfume please

Choir etiquette is to refrain from wearing stong Perfume, Eau De Toilette or Cologne/Aftershave.

Some of our singers are sensitive to strong scents.


 Australia - Bandcamp - buy the EP

Excerpt from the 2 hour radio show:


s.k.a.l.a. getting airplay in the UK
Show link -


Friday -  28th July  2pm - 3.15pm

Sunday 30th July 2023

2023 choral festival st patricks ballarat1  2023 choral festival st patricks ballarat3  2023 choral festival st patricks ballarat4

St Patricks Cathedral - Corner of Dawson & Sturt Street, Ballarat, parking 3 Lyons Street, Ballarat

Hello everyone, 
Hope you had a good Christmas - Happy New Year!
Due to the current Omicron situation, we are postponing the choir event scheduled for January 23 in Buninyong. Apologies. 
Trying to figure it out has been head spinning, what with all the changes but we think this is the safest way to go. 
Once this wave is under control, Geoffrey and I will aim to reschedule. (We are super excited about starting up again).
Similarly, we shall postpone the start of The Choir's Term 1 and look at March instead. We shall overcome ...




Thank you one and all for your invaluable contributions to finding our best way forward for choir 2022! We met, we listened, we sang, we doodle polled!

As a result, it is with great joy that we have a new space and times for next year.


New space and times for next year

The gorgeous, open, wonderfully acoustically supportive St Peter & Paul's Catholic Church in Buninyong.

As well as the main space it offers a number of break out rooms and the most beautiful outdoor aspect looking down over the Gong.

Thank you Betty, Margaret and Bronwyn for making this possible.

Buninyong catholic church


The doodle poll is telling us that our best weekly time will be (drum roll) ...

Mondays 2.15pm - 3.30pm

Which we can run during four terms (commencing Monday 28th March! 2022)

There will be QR codes and double vax checks for us at the church

New members are welcome!!


To make it as flexible as possible here is the new fee structure for as many people to attend when they can:

$20 drop in rate

$15 per session for a term booking paid at the start of each term e.g. 9 week term = $135; 10 week term $150

  • see choir term dates below

Plus Geoffrey and I would like to offer:

Choir Revival Bootcamp - once a month on Sundays

These will be a chance to join forces with Geoffrey's choir, perform for each other and immerse deeply in new repertoire.

First one - Sunday 27th March 2022 3pm - Groovin' on a Sunday Afternoon -

Stay tuned for all the fine details early in the New Year!  (See update above!)

Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Have a wonderful end of year with family and friends and I very much look forward to seeing you all in the brand new year.

Warm wishes

George ???


Two weeks off for school holidays!

See you at 12 noon on Wednesday the 17th of July.


We have been invited by Keryn Crebbin to perform at the Mercy Place nursing home (Corbert Street) on Wednesday 26th June. Thanks Keryn for organising this for us. 

We will perform Geoffrey's warm up (our version), People Get Ready, Cinders, One Voice, Woodstock, Sweet Chariot, Jamaican Farewell.

Meet at the RSL Hall at 10am to carpool at 10.10am, or meet you there at 10.30am.

I think we can just come in casual clothes for this one!

Here's Betty's link for Jamaican Farewell. Check it out!

Buninyong Community Choir - Director: George Williams.

Cinders – The Winter Berries, Sarah McMaster, Tom McGowan, George Williams. Accompanied by Tom McGowan (guitar) and Sarah McMaster (viola);

People Get Ready, Curtis Mayfield. Accompanied by Geoffrey Williams (guitar).

Massed Choirs Finale: Director: George Williams. Accompanist: Geoffrey Williams on guitar. One Voice, by Ruth Moody, arranged by Wailin’ Jennys.


On Wednesday the 26th of June, we are singing at the Mercy Nursing home

Details to come

Hi all

George and Geoffrey have created (and continue to create) audio files (mp3 format) for us to listen to.

Please email  if you are unable to see them on the site.


Hello lovely people

I would like to wish you all a very happy, peaceful and creative new year. We already have some fun things in store including our couple of performances for the first half of the year.

We have new audio resources and lyric sheets for two new songs appearing on our singbuninyong site:

1/ Cinders

2/ Meet me in the middle of the Air

We can iron out any questions in the first sessions back, but I thought it would be fun to have something to listen to while we are on a break!

And Jill is kindly putting them up for us. Thanks Jill!!

Choir starts back Wednesday 6th February same time 12 - 1.15pm; same place, Buninyong RSL Hall.

Please feel free to invite friends who may be interested in joining the choir. I am sure we'll have a few new faces.

Looking forward to new music making with you all in just over a week.

Best wishes

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bended knee music festival 2019


If you are a member of our Buninyong choir, please log in!

To join us, contact Georgie 0434 525 595, and read the details on the About page.

More information is available to logged in Members of the choir.
Resources for practice, and Choir news are available, when you log in.